About Me


Hello! Welcome to my personal finance blog! My name is J but I won’t give any more details about my personal life since I am very transparent about everything else about my money. I am 28 as of this writing and I started my personal finance journey when I was 26 years old. I currently have a corporate job and, as of this writing, I sometimes get 5 digit incentives quarterly. That might of course change after this writing. I don’t have liabilities and my only assets are stocks and index funds. I still support my family but I am not living with them. Meaning, I pay rent and utilities. I created this blog:

1) as a sort of documentation of my various money goals. My biggest goal of all is to become financially free and work-optional by age 50. I track my progress through Google sheets and show them in pretty graphs. Seeing my numbers in pretty graphs gets me going!

2) to inspire others to start their personal finance journey. When I was younger, nobody taught me the value of money. When I first started this journey, I did not have anybody to guide me on how to manage my money. I did everything on my own and made mistakes on my own. And so I am writing this post in the hopes that somebody who has no clue about money (like me when I was 26 yrs old) can start thinking about managing and multiplying their money!

What I noticed when I was starting out, is that very few people actually document their journey and publish their numbers. I was very curious to actually see somebody else’s numbers. Then I realized I could be that person. Thus, I created this blog and my IG account. Follow me at @mycentsofwealth too.

I don’t earn much. I don’t want a corporate career and I don’t want to hustle in that area. I don’t hustle during weekends and I like my day-offs. I understand that increasing your money might sometimes mean hustling in the corporate world and doing side jobs but I believe there can be other ways to achieve financial freedom. Join me in and let’s navigate the world of money together!


email: mycentsofwealth@gmail.com

Instagram: @mycentsofwealth