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The Importance of Registering to Vote in 2020

Register to Vote
Posted by mycentsofwealth

Did you find yourself complaining a lot over our government’s response to the pandemic? I did. 

Did you do anything about it? The single best thing that you can do to make our country a better place for you and your family is to vote wisely and the first step to do that is to register to vote. 

We here in the personal finance community work hard, save hard, and invest hard to make our quality of life better. Much of our comforts are actually managed by our government. They manage and provide public transportation, public education, social programs, healthcare, utilities, and infrastructure that makes our lives easier. These people have the power to shape our hard-earned money into something that can make the quality of our lives better. We pay our taxes so let’s make sure our taxes are being used for something good. 

We here in the personal finance community talk a lot about our financial progress and achieving our financial goals. Posting about that stuff is a privilege in itself in which others do not have. It is our responsibility to help others who do not have this privilege. By voting for the right person, we can make other people’s lives better and not just ours. By voting responsibly, you are giving a voice for the person who cannot. 

Personal finance and politics cross each other’s paths in more ways than one. One example would be the TRAIN Law. As an employee were you happy that you were exempted to pay taxes in 2018? I did. I was earning below P250,000 annually at that time and this gave me more opportunities to save. Although we are far from the government that we want to have, the first step would be registering yourself to vote. 

Check out Comelec’s website and this article from on how you can register to vote for the May 2022 elections. 


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