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How To YOLO Wisely: A Book Review

How To YOLO Wisely Book Cover
Posted by mycentsofwealth

I never knew NFG before I read this book but I am glad I stumbled upon her on Instagram. The outline of How To YOLO Wisely is the typical beginner’s guide to personal finance books. She tells you the steps that you need to do in order to build your wealth. Build an emergency fund, clear debt, invest, and protect your money and all that. However, there were really good inspirational sentences that made me realize why I’m on this journey. And some were really funny. How To YOLO Wisely is conversational and an easy read yet it gives so much value. Plus, it’s free! You can click here to download the book. 

Here are some lines from the book that I really loved. 

I want my samgyup, my milktea, my travels, and my secured future, too! Asking me to choose one – mostly in favor for the future – is the same as asking me to live the life of a robot.

As much as we’re not working just to pay our bills, we are also not working just to save for our future.

Your answers here are the components for your money’s foundation. Building a strong base is the most crucial part in building anything. If you don’t want your money life to be wobbly, then you gotta make sure that you answer those questions as truthfully as you can.

Where your money goes is a clear reflection of your priorities

Money management starts and ends with your priorities.

Money is what you want it to be. 

There’s no meaning behind money except the meaning you give it.

Money is just a tool.

With wise financial planning, proper money management, the right money-making skills, and a good set of friends, you’ll be able to check items off your bucket list one by one – with no limits.

This is also the first time I fully realized the importance of giving. Let me just add an excerpt here because NFG tells it so much better.

There is also a deeper reason for the Give Jar… It’s to eliminate your beliefs around money scarcity. If you’re clouded by the scarcity mindset, then you always feel like you never really have enough.

I only started giving regularly this year but it has already been life-changing. When I started giving, I realize that I always had enough. I am able to pay bills, save, and still have enough money to give. And this has changed my “always gipit” and “walang pera” mindset.

This book also made me realize that there are still some gaps in my financial plan. My health insurance is dependent on my employer and it doesn’t really cover critical illnesses. If I resign or if I retire, I will not have health insurance anymore. This made me think to have a health insurance backup plan. I already did some canvassing but haven’t really decided what to get. Have you thought about your financial plans lately?

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6 thoughts on “How To YOLO Wisely: A Book Review

  1. Mr. Triple P

    I have the same dilemma. I probably should get a separate health insurance plan, but can’t find any. Or I’m not seriously looking because I’m still weighing the pros and cons. Right now, I’m just assuming that I will look for another job with an HMO in the even I get laid off or resign. At the same time, I’m aggressively investing and trying to make as much money as I can to set aside if ever for future medical expenses in retirement. 🙂

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Believe it or not I am still deciding whether it’s still worth or not. I mean, I know it’s worth it, but the cost ?

  2. Nat

    Ooh. Thank you for this review! I love the excerpt, and as someone who is suffering from scarcity mindset and lack of real financial goals, I think I need this book, haha!

    I find it ironic that even though we’re personal finance enthusiasts and we know the importance of insurance, we still hesitate to get another one on top of our HMO. There really is a difference between knowing and living it. Getting health insurance is also on my to-do list but I keep lowering its priority…I really need to get a move on with that one.”orz

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Yes, please go ahead and read it. It’s free! Oo nga medyo hesitant din ako kasi you know gastos din but yes, important dn talaga sya.

  3. Che

    Maybe nabanggit mo na sa subsequent post, but did you end up getting one? Also, which one?

    1. mycentsofwealth

      I did not pa rin. hehe. I was planning to get one na talaga this year but my mother was hospitalized so medyo na re allocate ang funds. But I really like the comment section on your latest post!

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