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A Year Into The Pandemic: What I’ve Been Doing and What Changed

A Year Into the Pandemic
Posted by mycentsofwealth

On March 11, the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, and soon enough the whole world was put into stay-at-home orders. 

I’d like to think I’ve been productive during quarantine. No, I did not launch a successful Youtube channel nor made a money-making side hustle while maintaining a full-time job. But I did finish all my unopened books. I was able to finish a basic SEO and copywriting course. I just finished a content writing course and am about to start certification. I was able to put up and maintain this website and my Instagram account


I did okay the past year despite using some of my emergency funds. I was able to buy 2 laptops (one for me and one for my brother) and a new phone. I had a pay cut the first few months and I was struggling to budget but thank God it only lasted four months. I was able to reach my 200k Net Worth by the end of the year. I know I am really lucky I got to keep my job. I acknowledge that and I am beyond grateful.

Right now, however, I am not able to save because of my mother’s medications but that’s okay. 


I tried gardening but my plants keep failing me. I still try planting seeds though, watch them grow for a while, and then die. This keeps repeating over and over again but I still try to plant lol. I like gardening. It helps me zone out even for just a few minutes a day. I like looking out into my balcony and see my growing plants. Right now I have:

  • 3 Snake plants which require little to no care at all lol
  • 1 Pothos plant
  • 1 Bacularis
  • 2 dying Parsleys
  • 1 thriving bell pepper which is already my third attempt
  • 1 cherry tomato that I’m not sure yet if  it will survive

Plants that I attempted to plant but died:

  • Pechay
  • Aloe vera (aloe vera’s are impossible to kill btw but yeah I killed it)
  • Lemongrass (or tanglad)
  • Green onion (my greatest frustration)
  • Kalamansi (it grew about 4 inches but it eventually died)
  • Lemon (grew about 4 inches too then died)

I’ve been cooking more in the past 6 months than I did my entire life. Pre-pandemic, during the weekdays I used to just eat at karenderya’s for breakfast and dinner then lunch is free at the office. I only cooked on the weekends. But now, I cook every day which takes up time but I guess that’s a trade-off for zero commute time. I learned new recipes and pasta has been part of our meals now rather than just for special occasions. My BF and I just started trying out wines the past 2 weeks. 

I started playing Animal Crossing but did not like it that much. I played the newly released Story of Seasons though and I really liked it.

I was able to build the habit of exercising which I am really proud of.


I call more often at home now than before the pandemic. About 2-3 times a week now than the once-a-week call pre-pandemic. I see my nieces grow through our video calls and it amazes me how slowly I can see them have their own personalities. I am looking forward to go home now that travel requirements has eased up.

I moved in with my BF in June and we are staying in his studio condo unit. We share financial responsibilities with utilities and food but he pays solely for the condo. I’m thinking of creating a separate post on how we do our finances. 


I am so lucky to not lose my job. I may have dislikes towards my employer occasionally but I am grateful for them nevertheless. I switched to a new job in November but the same company. It’s a job that I have been eyeing on for such a long time already and I am thankful I got the job. Even though I like that job, it’s still work. I still have to wake up at 8 AM in the morning, meet deadlines and deal with people. But oh well. 

I received a pretty big increase this year which was very timely because my mom’s medications totals to 4k a week. 

Silver Lining

The silver lining that I see that came out of this pandemic is the gift of time. No more prep and commute time. I was able to do some things that will not be able to if I stayed on my regular routine. I can’t say work and life blended well during the first few months of quarantine but I got a hold of it eventually and I like my work from home set up now. However, there are times that I crave the interaction of an office setting.

I am typing this late at night and I’m getting sleepy so good night everyone!

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  1. Maven

    They said snake plants are also impossible to kill but I killed 2 of them na rin. ? I think I’ll postpone trying to be a green thumb since I don’t have a balcony in our condo and it doesn’t seem to be conducive talaga to plants.
    Love your realization on the silver lining in this pandemic. I was also super lost then but have come to appreciate just being in good health and being able to adapt to this situation which does have its benefits here and there. ? Keep safe and hustling, J!

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