Side Hustle Fail Story

Side Hustle Fail Story
Posted by mycentsofwealth

I lost 20% of income during the second quarter of the year and I decided to do some side hustles to compensate for the loss. I actually never side hustled before because I enjoy my days off. 

I currently live in a subdivision and somebody created a Facebook group where everybody in the community can buy and sell. Everybody was selling a lot of stuff there from meals to plants to books but I noticed nobody was selling skincare products. So I had this great idea to buy sheet masks in bulk and sell it on the Facebook group. I searched for a seller that I can buy for a wholesale price, did some costings, and drafted my post for the Facebook group.

My order arrived on a Friday and I planned to post it on Sunday peak hours. I posted it on the group and waited and waited for a notification to arrive. I refreshed and refreshed but there was none. Nobody liked, commented, or sent me a message to inquire regarding the masks that I posted. I decided to let the day pass off because somebody might still be deciding whether to purchase or not. Yesterday arrived, a week has passed and a month has passed but nobody was interested. I know a bit of copywriting so I was confident that the post was catchy enough. So now, here I am with 50 masks that I don’t know what to do. I thought that maybe nobody saw that post because of Facebook’s weird algorithm but I was talking to a neighbor several weeks after and she mentioned she saw that post. I decided to post in our group a month after and wrote something like “Our best-selling skincare masks are available again…” or something like that to hide the fact that I never sold anything lol. It had two likes but other than that there were no inquiries. I figured that maybe nobody was selling sheet masks in that Facebook group because nobody was buying. 

After the two attempts, I decided to accept that I will never sell these masks. I can post it in Facebook marketplace or on Shopee sure but I didn’t want to take care of the logistics of sending it. Whereas if I just sell it here in our subdivision, all I need to do is ask for their unit number and just walk over there. One of the reasons that I decided to sell masks is that, if I sold nothing, I can use them myself (I love skincare so much) or I’ll just use this as December gifts to my friends and family. So now, that’s what I’m just going to do. I already told my family and friends that I’m going to send it over to them in December. Well, at least that’s one less gifting problem in December. 

I was actually sad for a while because I had high hopes. Did I learn something? Yes, expand your market and not be lazy. Did this affect my view on wanting to be an entrepreneur someday? Sure did. 

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5 thoughts on “Side Hustle Fail Story

  1. Mr. Triple P

    At least you tried. That took a lot of courage. I haven’t bothered trying once! ?

    1. mycentsofwealth

      lol at myself kasi feeling ko talaga nun bebenta sya pero wala kahit isang inquiry. Oh well 🙂

  2. Jillsabs

    Oh well, ganyan talaga buhay entrepreneur! Sometimes it takes a few tries to figure out what the market really wants.

  3. Che

    Hey, I know I’m a little late, but wondering if you could still sell them on Carousell or Shopee.

    1. mycentsofwealth

      I could but I’m lazy to think of the logistics of sending them. I should have thought about this business through ?

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