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December 2020 Net Worth

December 2020 Net Worth
Posted by mycentsofwealth

I am happy to end 2020 achieving my end of year net worth goal ❤ Quick blog here because I’m making the most of my vacation and it’s Monday already tomorrow arghhh.

These net worth posts are becoming a little bit boring since nothing uneventful is happening anymore. Maybe I’ll do something to spice it up next month. Anyway, here’s December 2020 Net Worth Breakdown.  Happy New Year!

December 2020 Net Worth


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3 thoughts on “December 2020 Net Worth

  1. Chasen

    Way to go! Impressive ang zero liability.
    Happy New year!

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Thank you and nice meeting you here! Zero liability as of now because I’m just renting. Planning to buy a house next year though so baka hindi na sya zero 😂

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