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FEBRUARY 2021 Net Worth

February 2021 Net Worth
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The second month of 2021 was not good for me. My mother was hospitalized and a significant chunk of my Emergency Fund was taken for the hospital bill. This month was also the start of a new category in my expenses – my mother’s maintenance medications. Luckily, the last batch of incentives that was due for me last year came in this month so that helped with the bills.

Also, I’m glad the COVID-19 vaccine rollout started already.

February Goals

My February goals/tasks that I was able to accomplish were:

  • save P7,540
  • finish 1 book
  • deep clean bathroom
  • replace sheets
  • clean phones and remotes
  • semi-update work portfolio

What I wasn’t able to accomplish:

  • 20 exercise days. I had only 18 exercise days. I blame the short month ?
  • content marketing certification. I was not able to take the certification but I was able to finish all the lessons.

Income and Spending

As mentioned above, since I received a bigger paycheck this month, I spent so much too. Both unexpected needs and wants. I spent a big amount of fun money. I bought Instax films and went out of town for Valentine’s. I sent more than the usual amount to my mother for her meds which will be a regular now in budget.

February 2021 Income and Spending
February 2021 Income and Spending

Net Worth Breakdown

My net worth decreased significantly because I used my emergency fund for my mother’s hospital bills. Rebuilding my EF for the nth time again. Oh well, that’s what EFs are for.

February 2021 Net Worth

Until next month, folks!

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  1. Che

    This is a helpful reminder for me to manage my mindset for when I need to use my Emergency Fund. Technically, I am already because I’m unemployed ?

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