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October 2020 Net Worth

October 2020 Net Worth
Posted by mycentsofwealth

I am 5k away from my end of year net worth goal. However, I am having a bit of a dilemma with the numbers. I am saving up for a new phone and the money I have saved up for this purpose is included in the net worth amount. I might end up buying a new phone this year, use the money up, and not actually meet my end of year net worth goal. I might not also buy a new phone so I might meet my goal after all but whatever, it’s my money so I’ll include it here. ?

Without further ado here is my October 2020 Net Worth Breakdown. That’s all, nothing exciting much to write here this month.

October 2020 Net Worth


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2 thoughts on “October 2020 Net Worth

  1. Nat

    Congrats on nearly achieving your 2020 goal!! Is there no way to get the phone and still keep your target net worth? Maybe bonuses + asking your friends and family for cash instead of gifts for Christmas? Any more writing gigs maybe?

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Thanks, Nat. I have already calculated it including future earnings and no, I will not be able to meet 200k if I buy a phone this year ? Buying a phone this year is not sure yet though so maybe I will hit that target hehe.

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