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My 2020 Goals

2020 Goals
Posted by mycentsofwealth

Every end of the year I make myself a list of SMART goals that I want to accomplish the following year. If it involves reaching a specific amount, I do some projections on how and when I will reach that amount. I listed down my 2020 goals in November 2019 and since 2020 has been a crazy year, I had to adjust these goals again. I hope it’s not too late to post my 2020 goals here since I just launched this blog. 

    • As of this writing, I am already at 159k and even in this economy, I believe I can still reach it by December. Net Growth 2020
    • I finished this in April and I was so happy when I was finally done!! However, things got a little crazy in June thus I needed to spend a portion of my emergency fund. So happy to say that I was able to replenish this in August. Read about my emergency story here.
    • COL is my brokerage account which I use to buy stocks and index fund. To know more about COL, click here. I get a pretty good amount of incentives every quarter and I dump a percentage of them on my COL account. My target is to deposit at least 5k every quarter for a total of 20k per year. I was able to reach this goal already because my BF gifted me 5,000 to buy stocks for my birthday!! I have a mini-goal under this goal which is to fund 15,000 to my Philequity Index Fund account. I have 3,000 more to go to achieve this goal.
    • Japan has been a dream of mine for so long and I think I can finally afford it this year. Then Covid19 happened. I was already at 10% in March but decided to reallocate the amount to my new laptop fund since, let’s face it, we’re not traveling this year. 
    • I keep this piggy bank and put my loose 10 peso coins in it. It’s almost full and I was hoping that it will be full this year. However, due to the pandemic, I keep all my transactions digital and rarely withdraw money from my ATM so yeah, this will not be completed this year.  My bf already completed his and it amounted to 7k!! I am so excited for mine though!!
    • If you’re reading this, it means I finally did it. I’ve been wanting to publish a blog for so long but I was afraid that I will be lazy and not keep this blog up. I promised myself to draft 10 blogposts first before creating one but I was so itchy to get my hands and design a website already and just went for it one afternoon.
    • I planned to launch my freelancing career and launch my blog this 2020 and I would need a laptop to accomplish it. I moved my Japan fund here and saved money for a couple of months. My BF also contributed because he can’t stand me buying just an i3 lol. Told him I didn’t have a budget anymore to buy an  i5 laptop and i3 was all I can afford at the moment. 
    • I was planning to watch Matilda the Musical but I decided against it later on because I don’t think I can afford it since I was planning to go to Japan as well. I even made a matrix on the costs, the ticket price, the best day to watch it, Manila traffic, and the vacation leaves it will cost me at work. It was canceled anyway because of the Covid19 pandemic so good thing I didn’t book it. Still including this on my list though.

I know it’s already September but it’s never too late to create your 2020 goals!

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5 thoughts on “My 2020 Goals

  1. Cindy of Kuripot Adventure

    Hi J, like you, Japan is also my dream destination! I would love to experience the Sakura festival, but I don’t think I can travel next year because I’m saving for house and lot down-payment. Btw, keep the blog entries coming! I love reading your stories. 🙂

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Me too. Baka magsave na rin ako for downpayments next year. I hope I will be able to squeeze some savings for travels. I love your blog too. Na binge ko na mga posts mo hehe.

  2. Che

    Someday, we’ll get to travel to Japan!

    By the way, this is an awesome list. Good balance of saving, investing, having fun, and investing in yourself.

    Congrats! Road to 200k!!! Excited for you!

    1. mycentsofwealth

      Thank you!! Late next year baka pwde na mag Japan!

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