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2021 Goals
Posted by mycentsofwealth

The New Year is near and I can’t wait for 2020 to end!

Establishing SMART goals for the next year is important for me to track my progress towards my ultimate goal – to be financially free. Last weekend I sat down and truly think what are my goals for 2021 are. So here they are. 

1. P300,000 Net Worth

It’s my goal to at least increase net worth by 100,000 every year. So far I have been able to reach this goal every year. If I continue this pace I will reach my first million by 2028. Slow progress is better than nothing! This year’s target is to reach 300k.

2. Deposit P50,000 Investment on All Accounts

P20,000 of my 13th month pay will be deposited to my MP2 account so I will be able to reach 40% of this goal by January alone. From what I’ve read, it is better to invest your money at the start of the year instead of at the end of the year. After that, I only need to invest P2,000 per month to reach this goal. I can only contribute P2,000 to my COL account this year because of Goal # 4.

3. Reach P150,000 Mark on Total Investment.

My total investment amount is P97,000 as of this writing. If I reach Goal # 2, I will probably hit this goal. I said “probably” because there are still chances of paper losses

4. Save P60,000 for Lot Downpayment

My BF and I are planning to save P60,000 each in 2021 to buy a lot for our future house. Read my Dreamhouse story here

5. Read 12 Books

I love reading books! My BF and I do a book haul every other month so I am hoping I will be able to reach this goal. Click here to read what books I read in 2020 (at least those that I made a review of lol but more on my Instagram highlights)

6. Start Second Personal Project Phase 1

Creating this blog was my first personal project. My second personal project is a secret and it includes two phases. Phase 1 includes studying for it first. 

7. Exercise more. 

I gained 10 kls during quarantine and I can already feel the uncomfortableness that fats can bring. I cannot sit or squat or reach down my toes without struggling. I’m being dramatic but it’s true. I am not used to this weight. My clothes do not fit me anymore and I don’t want to buy a new set of clothes. I do not like looking at myself in pictures. Before, I look okay in pictures at any angle but now, I have to adjust myself to look okay when that photo snaps. It’s petty I know and there are a lot of other things that are more important but allow me to petty rant here. I started exercising this December already and I keep a habit tracker to keep myself accountable. Here’s my habit tracker as of this writing.

December Habit Tracker
December Habit Tracker

That’s it for me! Have you started planning for 2021 already? What are yours? If you want to know what my 2020 Goals were, click here.  I think I did pretty well in 2020 despite financial losses.

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2 thoughts on “MY 2021 GOALS

  1. Mr. Triple P

    That’s a lot of goals, but I like that it’s specific. Excited to know what that “secret” personal project is too. lol

    1. mycentsofwealth

      I will let you know soon haha

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