Top 5 Biggest Expense in 2020

Top 5 Biggest Expense in 2020
Posted by mycentsofwealth

Despite all that’s happened this 2020 and money being a little tight, I’ve had many major purchases (and one unexpected expense) compared to previous years. Without further ado, here are my top 5 biggest expenses in 2020.

  1. Two Laptops – I’ve bought one laptop for myself and one for my brother for his schooling. All paid for in cash. The other laptop was unexpected because nobody expected we will be doing online learning. Mine was planned because I wanted to create this blog and I needed a laptop for that. I bought my laptop first before realizing that I needed to buy one for my brother so I had to get the funds for his in my emergency fund. Total Cost is 39,000 plus 16,000 = P55,000.00
  2. My Tooth Surgery – I’m laughing while I’m typing this because I can’t believe I spent P6,000 to have my tooth removed. I just can’t believe how ridiculous that amount is just to have something removed. Here’s my tooth surgery story. 
  3. Adidas Stan Smith – 80% of all my clothes are from ukay-ukays but when it comes to shoes, I always buy new ones. Doesn’t matter if they are expensive as long as I know they will last me for years! I always wear sneakers when going to work so buying that 5,000 Adidas Stan Smith was worth it. Except that nobody expected that we will be working from home for 75% of the year so my shoes were barely used lol. Total cost is P5,000
  4. My Hosting Plan – I know that there are other options to create a blog for free but I wanted to have my own domain. I wanted to own my own platform and I needed a web hosting service for that. I was willing to pay that price. I was going back and forth with a lot of providers and was finally able to choose a cost-effective one. I paid a total of P4,739.64 which is already good for three years. 
  5. Hair Iron – The first quarter of the year was full of weddings and events. I usually just do my own makeup and hair so it was smart to buy a hair iron. I used to just borrow from my friends but I thought it was time to get one. Randomly went to the mall and bought one for P2,000

I know we still have December but I don’t have any major purchases planned for the rest of the year anymore.

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