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The Importance of Having a Fun Fund

October 2020 Fun Fund
Posted by mycentsofwealth

I don’t know where exactly I got this idea of the fun fund but I’ve always had this category ever since I religiously started budgeting. I’ve always had it because I’m a spender. I love skincare, I love books, I love buying all these little organizational stuff you find in Japanese stores. And If I don’t make space for these in my budget, everything spirals downwards whenever I pass by a store. You can call it a safety net for my spending impulses while I’m on this financial journey.

I’ve recently read the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harv T. Eker and he introduced there the concept of the Jar Management System. One of the jars that he required was a play jar, which can also be called a fun fund. I’ve been doing my fun fund before I read this book but reading it made me more realize the importance of having a fun fund. He said to put 10% of your income to that jar which has the sole purpose of spoiling yourself. It’s for eating out, staying in the most luxurious hotel, buying the expensive jeans that you’ve always wanted, etc. You work 40+ hours every week. You have every right to enjoy your money. Reward yourself for always sticking to your financial goals. 

While we are on this journey to financial freedom, never forget to enjoy it. Spoil yourself. Money is just a tool so use it in a way that will make this journey worthwhile. Use it to spend on things that will bring value to your life right now. Don’t wait until you are rich to enjoy this life that you have right now. Whenever I buy these unnecessary things and knowing that I am still on my way to securing my future, I feel rich already. 

I understand that not everyone can allocate for their fun fund every payday especially when your income is just enough to pay the bills. I used to not be able to do this when I first started working but eventually, as my income increased, I was able to wiggle this category. Trust the process, increase your income and I hope you will be able to create your fun fund soon.

So here’s what I bought last month to make me feel rich ?

  • CosRx Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream – P730
    • I love skincare and my moisturizer is already running out.
  • Netflix Subscription – P110
    • I love watching movies and I share an account with 4 other people to save money.
  • Books – 700
    • I did a book haul in October again. My BF and I bought 4 books and shared the total cost. 700 is my share. 

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Having a Fun Fund

  1. Ameena

    I couldn’t agree more with this post especially when u mentioned that we should not wait until we are rich just to enjoy this life we have right now! I call mine my ‘play fund’, inspired also by harv t. Eker’s jar system. It’s one reason why I get motivated to work even on lazy days when I need to drag myself to be productive. It’s like, i need to work para may pambili din ako ng kaartehan at hindi lang pambayad ng bills ??

    1. mycentsofwealth

      haha yes to kaartehan!

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